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​New Insights and New Beginnings - Grief and Loss - Part 4​

Seeing the world through new eyes is Edoda's (God's) gift to us in our time of grief. Allowing Edoda to use our loss as a learning opportunity on the importance of  being good to oneself also brings blessing to others and displays great courage and love.

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The Twelve Steps for Christians

The Twelve Steps are not just for alcoholics. Growing in emotional and spiritual maturity doesn't just happen, it requires courageous effort to complete spiritual based interpersonal self-examination. Here is an introduction to what is involved. With Pastor Bill Running Wolf.

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​​Do You Wish to Get Well? - Grief and Loss - Part ​​​2

Tsisa (Jesus) asked 'Do you wish to get well?' Many people become "stuck" in grief and comfortable with avoiding their pain rather than face the unkown of letting it go. Download workbook on web site.

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The Stages of Grief - Grief and Loss - Part 3​

Trusting in Edoda (God) helps in moving through grief and loss. Being able to recgonize which of the many stages you are in assists in  the healing process. Download free workbook on web page. 

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Uyoayelvdi a le Uyohuselv - Grief and Loss - Part 1

A Journey through Grief and Loss. Many people struggle with moving through their grief from the losses in their lives to healing. This impacts their emotional wellbeing and ability to be emotionally available to others and Edoda (God). 

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Respect for the Sacred

Filming or photographing of worship in process is taboo among many Native American religious traditions.  Out of respect for that, we at Sacred Hoop Native American Ministry are careful to avoid filming or photographing religious ceremonies and personal prayers.  Sermons, stories, and teachings apart from those that are taboo are used only with permission of the elders involved.  Always remember to ask the elder before filming or taking pictures during religious activities or events.